L-0980 A

L-0980 A

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Microscope ZS-6-AD
Type Galilean type binocular microscope
Magnification changer Continuous zoom by drum rotation
Eye piece 12.5X wild field
Total magnifications 5X ~ 30X
Field of view 49~9 mm
Pupillary adjustment 50~75 mm
Focus distance F=175 mm
Diopter adjustment +/- 6D
Filters Cobalt, blue, heat absorption, 1/2ND filter
Light source 15V/150W Halogen Bulb (L-0960SDH1) with cold mirror filter equipped
Brightness (max) 110,000 Lux (6)
Coaxial illumination field 50 mm
Vertical fine control
Model Electric type, using a motor
Adjustment of focus 40 mm
Focusing speed 1.3 mm/sec
Microscope inclination 0o~30o
Foot switch
Model Floor placement type, stepping type
Weight 4kg

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